“I used to hear stories without hearing a single word.

Epics, sagas, memoirs.

Of courage, love, pain.


A shaft of white light cutting through the prison of darkness to free the old lady.

A glint of steel in the eyes of an tribal girl who refused to give in to modernisation.


And every time I heard a story, I froze.

I had to pass it on just the way I heard it,

I had to capture it all before they were lost forever.

I had to stay true to how miracles unfolded suddenly, without preamble,in the infinity of space and time.

So I took the easy way out.

Or you could say that I did it the only way I could.

I taught myself to tell stories without saying a single word.

That’s my story.

Rather, the ongoing memoir,

Of a split second storyteller.”



A split second storyteller who tells stories without saying a single word, photo-artist Jayati Saha of India amazes with her frames of nuanced light and shadow, seamlessly fusing her art with technical finesse. Exhibited and owned worldwide, Jayati is a much-in-demand artist, teacher and competition judge. Jayati’s extremely sensitive eye has captured moments glistening with human emotions and her forte is seeing the unseen and the unnoticed. Based out of Kolkata, India, Jayati is peripatetic and her journeys have taken her to the India not known or seen by many. She is also a contributor at the Getty Images Inc., USA. She was the adjudicator at the Photography competition hosted by the SAARC , 2015.